Meows from Mudpie!
We’d like our buddies to settle slightly of a war of words between Mommy and me.
I’ve beds and blankies in every single place the home. Such a lot of at ease puts to sleep. However this summer season my favourite spot to hang around is within the kitchen (NO, now not on my pizza field, even supposing that is nonetheless there!) on a pile of luggage full of the meals(s) Mommy places out for the birds, squirrels, and different flora and fauna. I curl up on most sensible of them and nap those yucky scorching days away. Maximum nights I sleep there too, as an alternative of going to mattress with Mommy, which in reality upsets her.
Mommy says I am downright bizarre to be so in love with what seems like a glorified junk pile, however I say who’s she to pass judgement on what is at ease or now not? 
What say you?


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