One of the most popular types of pets in the world are kittens, so it is normal that there are always many people interested in adopting one. But welcoming a kitten into the home is a big responsibility and requires a certain degree of preparation to make a kitten’s first days at home the most pleasant.

A kitten’s first days at home are of great importance, both for him and for his new family. During this stage he must be aware that the feline is leaving the area that he already knew and where he was comfortable. He is possibly coming from being separated from his mother and siblings to come to a whole new home with people he sees for the first time. If we see it from this perspective, it is easy to realize the importance of preparing a good welcome for the kitten .

While excitement and joy abound with the arrival of a furry new member of the family, it’s important to know how to respect their adjustment process. Avoid giving in to the temptation of forcing him to interact or over pamper him. Because at this stage cats are usually shy, confused and even afraid. Therefore, when intimidated they may respond in unpleasant ways. Reason why patience, attention and will are key to achieving a good relationship in its early days.

Welcoming a kitten into the home requires a good welcome that facilitates the connection with its new human companions. In addition to that it requires some preparations for the safety and well-being of the new feline in the house.

What do you need for a kitten’s first days at home?

In order for your kitten to have the best quality of life during their first days at home and the rest of your time together, you have to find some tools for their needs and entertainment.

Although there are a large number of articles and toys for cats on the market today, the essential accessories for the welcome are:

  • A sandbox and enough cat litter.
  • Two containers, a drinker for water and a feeder for food.
  • scratching tree .
  • Cat toys.
  • Cat food, wet and/or dry, depending on the age and breed of the cat. If it is very baby, follow-on milk for cats.
  • A cat brush .
  • A comfortable cat bed or cave for your rest.

Looking for how to call your curious feline? This is a very important decision, because it will be something that will accompany you for the rest of your life. Find the best names for cats .

How to prepare the home for the first days of a kitten?

First of all, after making the decision to bring a kitten home, you must have the right conditions, prepare your home for the kitten’s first days.

One of the priorities is to offer the cat its own place , which has to be comfortable and safe. So he can rest comfortably in his cat bed while he adjusts to his new home. Even if you already have other cats in the house, it is important that you respect their individuality and that you provide resources and their own space for each one.

Keep in mind that you cannot group the feeding, resting and hygiene areas in one place , but that they have to be in different places. Well, this way you can have better hygiene that will greatly benefit your feline.

Cats are very curious and playful, so you have to keep small objects as well as chemicals in places that you can’t easily access. Since, if you find them, you can try to taste them, which can be dangerous for your health.

Care during the first days of a kitten at home

The first days of a kitten at home will be decisive for their relationship in the future. Although it is necessary to give him his space so that little by little he adapts to his new environment, you also have to try to establish a relationship with him from the moment he arrives. This way you can create a good bond with yourself.

Among the important care activities during a kitten’s first days at home is teaching him how to use his cat litter box . Which is key to maintaining hygiene at home . The litter box should be placed in a quiet and comfortable place, where the cat can feel safe. Accompany it with special litter for kittens.

Another key care you should keep in mind during this stage is brushing . This activity is not only an important part of their hygiene, but also represents, but is also a complement to the physical contact that you must have with your pet to have a healthy relationship. So from his first days you should make him get used to brushing.

Remember to take the kitten to the vet during these first days, as he will be able to help you and give you guidelines to facilitate adaptation.

The game is of the utmost importance to build confidence during their first days at home. Remember that this is a little animal that is exploring a whole new space and was possibly separated from its mother and humans from it. Therefore, you must promote a pleasant and fun environment.

Games with strings and ribbons may seem like a good option, as they quickly capture the attention of cats. Not quite, these are not the best option, since you can swallow them and suffer from gastrointestinal problems.

Cat toys such as fishing rods and balls are the best options and can provide hours of fun. Also, as the internet has shown us, empty boxes are another great source of entertainment for them.

Before bringing a new kitten home, choose a good quality cat carrier for easy transport. It is essential to get your kitten used to traveling in a carrier inside the car when it is small. You will need regular visits to the vet, especially in the early stages.

How to strengthen his bond with you during his first days at home?

If you want your kitty to have a good relationship with you and with the other members of the household (if any), you must begin to form a strong bond based on mutual trust from the beginning. To achieve this, the first thing you should do is focus on getting to know his personality. This can be easy when he is a puppy, since he is just developing it.

But when it comes to an adult cat, it’s a bit more difficult. The key is to pay attention to the cat’s body language , look at its postures, how it reacts to interactions, the expressions on its face and the sounds it makes. This way you will know when he is willing or not to deal with you.

Building a positive bond should take place during a kitten’s first few days at home. Well, if it is postponed it can become very difficult. It is not something that is going to happen overnight, but after a short time you will see that he trusts you more and once he crosses this barrier, the affinity with his pussy will be such that no one will be able to separate them.


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