Man’s best friend doesn’t just bark, he can also meow. There are some breeds of cats that, due to their behavior, are dogs from snout to tail.

Cats that act like dogs? What obey orders? That they get excited and be loving with you? They are attitudes that you would not think to find in a cat. But there are cat breeds that act like dogs , that are 2 pets in 1, and possibly slipping under your radar.

Are you looking for the ideal pet? We present 10 breeds of cats whose behavior resembles that of a dog.

10 cats that act like dogs

Depending on their breed and each feline’s unique personality, some cat breeds can be very adventurous, outgoing and affectionate, like some dog breeds, as well as eager to learn a few tricks .

Also, contrary to the reputation that precedes them, cats are a source of unconditional love, most breeds just don’t display it in the same way that dogs do.

Can I really train a cat? It’s not going to be like training a dog, but some cat breeds, like the ones we’re presenting to you, could learn to fetch a toy, ring a bell, or do some other activity to announce that they want to leave the house or tolerate harnesses to perform. walks. For this you will need patience and positive reinforcement (a prize cookie, for example).

Meet 10 cats that act like dogs (don’t worry, there are also dogs that look like cats!), which are breeds that you might already recognize but that you didn’t know could have these canine qualities.

Bengal or Bengali cat

According to The Cat Fanciers’ Association , Bengal cats are adventurous, intelligent, confident, dedicated, optimistic, and faithful. They are good at obeying commands and even performing tricks with agility, and can get into the water for a dip or swim, some dogs might not even be able to do this.

Their fur is short and they have the classic dotted and mottled wefts in brown and tan tones. They can weigh up to 5 kilos. The Bengal or Bengali is one of the most common hybrid cat breeds.

abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cats are energetic , with a need to go outside, but if you keep them indoors, you will need to get them some cat toys , perches, trees , and cat buildings to use up their strength. Avoid consuming that energy in something important to you, be it a pair of shoes, a piece of clothing or a kitchen or bathroom accessory. They are excellent pets to deal with other animals and children.

If it had a dog counterpart, it would be the Australian Kelpie . It has short fur that ranges in shades of red, blue, and tan. They can measure from 20 to 25 centimeters, weigh from 3 to 5 kg. It has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

American shorthair cat

Just as the Abyssinians were the feline counterparts of the Kelpies, the American Shorthair is the Golden Retriever of this species. They are adaptable, a clear example is their way of getting used to children and other pets, sociable and playful.

His coat has a brindle pattern that goes in light gray and black tones. They have short fur, can measure from 22 to 27 cm, and weigh from 3 to 7 kilograms.

American Bobtail Cat

This feline is affectionate, friendly and ideal to be trained. This is already a remarkable feature. The American Bobtail loves to get outside, find and adventure, and form strong bonds with his human friends. They are, in short, meowing dogs .

They measure from 22 to 25 cm and weigh between 3 to 7 kilograms. They can live from 11 to 15 years and have varied colored fur in different shades, some have a tabby pattern like the Bengal cat.

Bombay cat

Remarkably beautiful, with a dark and short coat, Bombay cats stand out not only for their golden eyes, but also for their loving personality with their human companions, as well as being playful and full of energy , they tire very little.

These felines adapt to any climate and live and browse as if there were no tomorrow. The Bombay cat can measure from 22 to 33 kg, while they can weigh from 3 to 7 kg.

chausie cat

This cat, Chausie the cat , is intelligent, adventurous, intelligent, a combination of qualities that will allow him to explore his surroundings without any problem. In contrast to other pets with a lot of cunning and intelligence , the Chausie cat can learn tricks without problem and apply them at the owner’s request without problem.

With a direct inheritance, and in part, from wild cats, it is not strange to see this feline with short and dense hair with dark or tan tones walking through what would be the urban savannah , your rug, roaring or meowing through its territory. They can weigh from 3 to 9 kilograms and measure from 33 to 43 cm.

balinese cat

This beautiful specimen, very characteristic for its prominent and captivating coat, which ranges in shades of brown, red, tan and cream, except for part of its face, ears, legs and tails, which are black or dark, is curious . loving and adventurous . The Balinese cat is a breed of domestic cat derived from the Siamese cat .

Like the Abyssinian cats, the Balinese require some elevations, trees or poles, among other objects that motivate them to run, jump, climb and explore. They are a very open breed, so it will not be difficult for you to understand what they want or intend to do. They can live from 15 to 20 years, measure from 20 to 27 cm and weigh from 2 to 5 kilograms.

Cornish Rex cat

Charming, striking and charismatic , this is what Cornish Rex cats are like . They can go from an affectionate attitude with their human companions to wanting to play and even seek out targets, like a dog, and like said animal, you can’t leave them alone for too long, this could affect them.

The Cornish Rex cat has short, curly and wavy hair, with shades of black, white, grey, lilac, red, calico, green or brindle. Their life expectancy is between 9 and 13 years. They can measure from 20 to 30 cm and weigh from 3 to 5 kilos.

It is a perfect feline for allergy sufferers as well as hypoallergenic  Devon Rex cats

burmese cat

The Burmese cat , like the American Shorthair cat with the Golden Retrievers, is a simile of the cat world with the Labrador Retriever , full of enthusiasm with people of any age and a playful attitude .

They are outgoing and charming, with short hair in shades of blue, grey, brown and tan. Their life expectancy ranges from 10 to 17 years. They can measure from 22 to 33 cm, while they can weigh from 3 to 7 kilograms.

Japanese Bobtail Cat

Finally, we present to you the Japanese Bobtail cat , short-tailed, small, charming with children for their endless energy and constant activity, although they also enjoy cuddling with those closest to them.

There are variations of this feline with short and long hair, and the colors vary. They can live from 9 to 13 years. Its measurements range from 20 to 22 cm and can weigh from 3 to 5 kilograms.


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