Large, robust cats can make for pleasant and highly social pets. Don’t let its large size stop you, because you can have a faithful and giant companion.

Giant cat breeds have been coveted by many people throughout history. This is because, not only are they beautiful and imposing , resembling wild cats, but, incredibly, they adapt to domestic life without any problem.

Despite their large size and weight, large cat breeds can live comfortably in a house or in an apartment, as long as it has the comforts that the animal deserves.

But, in addition to its robust size, an aspect that differentiates the large cats from their smaller counterparts; it is the character. Giant cats are characterized by being felines with more character and somewhat capricious.

Giant Cats: Weight and Height

giant cat is one that has an unconventional weight and height. That is, it differs from kittens that, perhaps, you are used to seeing. We refer to robust felines, of great height and, therefore, of an unusual weight.

Although each type of cat has particular characteristics, here we are going to share an average between its weight and height. In relation to the domestic cats that you already know, the large cat breeds weigh up to 14 kg for the larger ones, and up to 9 kg for the smaller ones (but within the world of big cats).

As for its height, a large cat can measure from 25 cm at the withers to exceed one meter in length. That is, we are talking about really impressive cats.

Giant cats are incredibly beautiful by nature, but to keep them at home and enjoy their love and company, you must be responsible and take good care of them.

A large cat needs basic care, but very important when it comes to the health of the pet. We refer, for example, to the care of their hair, since most of them are long-haired cats .

You should also take care of their diet. Being large, they may want to eat frequently, to prevent them from exceeding their weight, they can dump their food into a food container so that it is not loose and within the reach of the animal at inappropriate times.

In addition, due to their imposing size, they become cat breeds for walking indicated for lovers of felines and walks in the park.

Giant cats: The largest breeds

We are going to know the 3 largest cat breeds so that you can delight yourself with these unique specimens and at the same time, tender and playful.

Remember that although they are “giant” in size, they are still cats, therefore, they require tricks and sincere affection. Don’t let her bearing make you forget that you must attend to her health. Well, like any pet, it needs medical check-ups, good nutrition and, above all, walks and lots of love.

Norwegian Forest

The giant Norwegian Forest cat is a feline that can weigh up to 9 kg and measure 35 cm in height and a body length of between 20 and 46 cm. It is a big cat very famous for being present in Scandinavian fairy tales and, above all, for being the protagonist of many of the Nordic legends.

It is part of the group of large cat breeds because its stocky build and long, muscular limbs make it a strong and unusual cat. He is a hunter by nature and has a very kind character with people and other pets.

They were first bred in Norway by crossing domestic cats with wild cats from the forest. Since the breed was domesticated, it has become a friendly, playful and intelligent pet.

The Norwegian Forest or Norweigian Forest Cat, is one of the breeds of cats to walk with a harness and leash.


The Savannah cat is a large African feline whose average weight  ranges from 6 to 10 kg, however, there are specimens that have weighed 23 kg.

It is a hybrid cat , the result of a mix between a wild Serval cat and a domestic cat. It is very sociable, friendly, so you should not worry about having visitors at home.

In addition, it is a large cat breed with tawny fur with dark spots, large ears and limbs; so you will have an imposing pet at home, really beautiful and, above all, ideal for family life.

Maine Coon

The large Maine Coon cat is a large feline with a robust build. It has medium and muscular limbs. Its weight varies between 6 or 8 kg reaching its maximum of 11 kg.

If you want to cuddle your own kitten from an early age, you can buy a Maine Coon cat  from an authorized and responsible cattery.

You will be carrying a giant cat with a friendly character, as it is an active and playful breed ; he will spend hours running and playing with the whole family. The Maine Coon is an affectionate feline that enjoys the company and constant cuddles of its owners.

The Siberian cat and the Ragdoll ragdoll cat can enter to compete in the list of giant cats. If you are looking for a large cat to snuggle up with, the Ragdoll is the ideal breed as they love to linger in their owner’s arms.

The Siberian cat is originally from Russia. Recognizable by his furry appearance and pointed ears, he is highly intelligent, exceptional in character, and has great energy. This large cat breed is an excellent choice for people with allergies, being considered a hypoallergenic cat .

Other large cat breeds

There are other breeds of large cats, because the world of felines is surprisingly wide. Larger cat breeds tend to be more confident. Most cats are curious, but big cats usually have more powerful jumping abilities and can get into more trouble :-). The largest cats are athletic and active.


The Highlander cat is a large cat breed that can weigh up to 9kg. Although its appearance resembles that of an obese cat, this feline is robust and has a large muscle mass. That is why its appearance is impressive.

In addition, you will be able to recognize it by the morphology of its ears, they are slightly tilted backwards, which gives it a sweet and attractive appearance at the same time. What you should take care of most of this feline is the environment where it lives, that is, more than anything, avoid stress in cats , since it usually suffers from it frequently.


The Bengal cat , also called Bengali, is a large feline originating from the United States and is very particular, because it looks wild, but with the personality of a domestic cat. They are people-oriented cats who love to play and climb all day.

It can weigh between 5 and 7 kg and enjoys a large size and robust build. It has long, muscular limbs that give it an agile and athletic appearance. The fur of this large kitten is short, soft and shiny.

It is a spotted tabby cat with the appearance of a mini leopard. The base shade of the hair is usually golden, orange, sand or dark yellow; while the limbs, chest and chin are usually a lighter shade such as white or cream.


Another of the large kittens is the Ragamuffin , a feline with a long body, thick bones, a long tail, and thick fur . It is one of the giant cat breeds that appears to be even bigger than it is. This is because its head is medium in size, but the fur makes it look even bigger.

The  Ragamuffin’s coat length  ranges from medium to long. It is soft, fluffy and silky. Ragamuffin cats are known for their docile nature and thick, luscious fur.

A large cat of this breed can weigh up to 14 kg, which makes the Ragamuffin cat an imposing and attractive feline. You may be surprised to learn that it is one of the cat breeds that act like dogs .


The Cheetoh cat is an imposing feline with the appearance of a cute mini cheetah. It weighs 10 kg and is one of the most attractive specimens when walking, as it has a slow, elegant and firm step.

The Cheetoh is a large cat with lots of energy and enjoys exploring all corners of the home. Docile, kind to other pets and very affectionate: the perfect pet.

selkirk rex

The last of the big cats that we will see is the Selkirk Rex , a feline that can reach 7 kg in weight. It is characterized by its abundant curly hair and having a muscular body. Their limbs are long, muscular and quite agile.

The coat is the most characteristic feature of this breed, since it is usually  curly  and abundant hair. These big kittens can be found in two versions: short hair and long hair, and in the latter case, the hair is sported with unique and striking ringlets.

The biggest cat in the world

The largest cat in the world is a cute domestic feline whose name is Barivel. He is three years old and lives in Vigevano, Italy. He was considered a Guinness record in 2021 and awarded as the largest living pet in the world.

According to the record reached by this beautiful animal, it is 120 cm long. It is a beautiful Maine Coon, like the feline that we have already described and we anticipate that it is one of the giant cat breeds that exist.

Despite being the largest cat in the world, Barivel is quiet and quite shy. He enjoys family life and is an affectionate and very curious pet, so he likes to snoop around in every corner of the home and experience new adventures.


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