The new range of natural feed for dogs only contains 100% natural products. Free of cereals and synthetic products. A happier and healthier pet.

The feeding of our pets is essential to guarantee their good health, however, it is not easy to know which is the best natural feed for dogs that is the best ally in their health.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that each canine is different and the food you choose must be aligned with its size, age and breed . In addition, you should consider the level of physical activity to which your pet is exposed, their tastes and the functioning of their digestive system.

More and more people decide to have dog children, therefore, the dog food market is increasingly diversified and today it is possible to obtain food with different characteristics in terms of its composition.

We always recommend you consult with your veterinarian what your pet’s requirements are in terms of food, and from there we invite you to look for a natural feed option that guarantees a more balanced and chemical-free diet for your canine.

We assure you that choosing the best natural dog food will make you have a healthy and happy pet!

Best natural food for adult dogs 

When we talk about a natural feed for adult dogs, we refer to products that do not contain artificial additives in their preparation . They are more nutritious and healthy foods, since all their ingredients come from natural sources.

Some breeds, such as the  Biewer Terrier , tend to have digestive problems due to their genetics and texture, and it is necessary to give them soft foods that do not weigh down their digestion.

Although it is difficult to find packaged products that do not have preservatives, antioxidants or flavorings, natural dog food is characterized by being free of most of these components.

Another benefit of these natural feeds is that they are usually high in protein , that is, animal or vegetable protein predominates as the main ingredient in their composition. This makes dogs feel satisfied for more hours, reducing anxiety and helping to prevent overweight.

Natural food for mini dogs Nature’s Variety Selected 

Nature’s Variety Selected mini dog food is made with boneless free-range chicken and designed specifically for small dog breeds .

It is a product free of preservatives, dyes and artificial scents. It has a high content of zinc and omega , which benefits the hair and skin of canines.

Natural food for dogs with salmon Ownat 

Ownat natural dog food with salmon is a high-protein food made up of salmon and seafood, so we recommend it for dogs sensitive to digestive problems.

Its composition is free of colorants and preservatives and is designed for adult dogs of any breed. 3kg bag.

Natural food for adult dogs Grature Salmon 

The natural feed for adult dogs Grature Salmon is a product made to benefit the digestion of your canine . The first ingredient is animal protein, with a contribution of omega 3 and 6 to take care of the health of your dog’s skin and hair, and will help prevent symptoms of possible allergies, itching or irritation.

In addition, it contains glucosamine, chondroprotectors and green-lipped mussel extracts, which help prevent joint problems.

Purina Beyond Grain Free natural dog food 

Purina Beyond Grain Free natural dog food is a dry food for adult dogs based on beef protein.

It is a product totally free of cereals, dyes and preservatives, with totally natural and selected components. 7kg bag.

Best natural food for puppies 

If you have baby dogs you should make sure to give them a natural feed for puppies that is designed exclusively for this stage .

The digestive system of canines in childhood is usually much more delicate than in adulthood, in addition, the nutritional requirements in the first years of life are usually much more specific . It is also important to consider a product that is small and easy to consume.

Natural food for puppies Natura Diet 

The natural feed for puppies Natura Diet is designed exclusively for dogs under one year of age . It is a product free of dyes and preservatives, made with 30% animal protein.

It incorporates FOS-MOS prebiotics, free of transgenics, rich in omega 3 and omega 6. It stimulates the digestive process of puppies and strengthens their immune system thanks to its composition of 100% natural products. 3kg bag.

Natural food for puppies Dibaq Sense Puppy Salmon & Turkey

Natural hypoallergenic dry food with natural ingredients for puppies, Dibaq Sense Puppy Salmon & Turkey is a premium food made with  100% natural  and high-quality ingredients, highlighting fresh salmon and turkey meat. For puppies of all breeds from the first month to 12-18 months of age.

This food is considered a  hypoallergenic feed for dogs  because it is free of cereals, wheat, corn, soy, gluten, or eggs, being perfect if a pet has  sensitive digestion .

This natural feed for puppies has been made with  potatoes from the garden , in addition to  natural probiotics  that provide energy by stimulating defenses and joint protectors, and with  glucosamine and chondroitin  that protect joint wear. 2 kg bag.


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