Delicious recipes without grains or added chemicals. With vitamins and minerals. Best selection of natural wet food for dogs. They will love it!

Natural wet dog food is becoming the best on the market thanks to the favoritism it generates in canines . The smell and taste of this type of food is usually much more intense than dry feed, therefore, it becomes much more appetizing.

Wet feed has a softer composition than dry dog ​​feed, therefore, it is much easier to consume and digest . This makes it a product that is mainly recommended for adult dogs or puppy dogs.

Natural wet food for dogs, which one to buy?

Natural wet food for dogs MjAMjAM 

The natural wet food for dogs MjAMjAM is made with more than 90% fresh meat seasoned with blueberries , which makes it have a unique and particular flavor among the rest of the products.

Natural wet food, free of gluten, soy, dairy and synthetic preservatives. Composition: 97% meat and offal, 2% blueberries, 0.5% minerals, 0.5% dried eggshells. Pack of 6 x 400 gr.

In 200 gr tubs, MjAMjAM brings us a delicious moist veal recipe with boiled potatoes and crispy peas . 100% Natural without cereals or synthetic preservatives. Pack of 6 x 200 gr.

Natural wet food for senior dogs Lily’s Kitchen

Lily`s Kitchen natural wet food for senior dogs . Nutritionally complete recipe without grains, special for senior dogs over 8 years old . Made with 60% turkey and 4% blueberries.

Contains natural prebiotics for healthy digestion . Packed with healthy fruits and vegetables plus a blend of botanicals. 100% natural, with no unnecessary by-products, preservatives or fillers. Pack of 6 x 400 gr.

Incorporates Green Lipped Mussel (associated with joint care), EPA and DHA from seaweed (known to contribute to normal brain function), plus natural prebiotics (to help with digestion).

Edgar & Cooper venison and duck natural wet food

Wet food with fresh venison and duck meat. This Edgar & Cooper natural feed recipe is rich in fresh game meat and duck. Helps reduce skin irritation and build and maintain muscle.

In addition, it is combined with noble viscera for an extra dose of nutrients. It also includes a super balanced blend of fruits and vegetables, and herbs and greens that further boost your nutritional intake.

Grain-free and gluten-free, it is a natural wet food for adult dogs, perfect for caring for sensitive stomachs.

Dibaq Sense natural wet feed with deer and wild boar

Dibaq Sense with deer and wild boar , is a wet recipe without gluten, without Wheat, without Corn, without Soy and without Egg. Considered as hypoallergenic feed . Prevents allergies and improves digestion.

Natural wet food for adult dogs of all breeds. 100% natural. 380 gr can.

Bosch HPC Soft natural semi-moist dry food for dogs 

Bosch HOC Soft natural semi-moist dry dog ​​food is made up of 60% chicken, which makes it a highly protein food.

It does not contain grains or sugar and the source of carbohydrates comes only from fresh bananas . It is recommended for adult dogs of any breed. 2.5kg bag.

Natural dry food for dogs Frolic semi-moist

Frolic natural wet dog food is made from meat, fresh vegetables and minerals.

It is a product free of sugars, artificial flavors and aromas, which makes it a 100% natural flavor product. It is designed for adult dogs of any breed. Pack of 5 x 1.5kg.


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